I am an Urdu and English poet. I have been writing since 24 years. My passion for poetry took off when I started to experience sky full of stars and sunshine inside me. A new era began where love started to toss and turn in me. Sometimes, it took a shape of dark clouds rumbling upon my head and often, it enkindled flames trying to burn every corner of my existence. Urdu shayree put me into a new road where I could find my destiny. English poetry opened new avenues to explore the back route of my soul.

I am a seeker, a lover and highly emotional person trying to navigate my dreams with the power of my ink and words. My Urdu poetry has been published in Dunya Newspaper in the boroughs of New York and some other States in America. My English poetry’s book was published in April 2019. “Shamma: The dancing Flame”, is the adventure, I lived through. I won an award for this book at New Jersey book expo in 2019. This book is available at Amazon for purchasing.

Come join me in my journey of love and inspiration. Follow my site, meet my muse here.